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Manchester Immunology Group

Group photograph
Finding worms at the Big Bang Science Fair March 2010
Trichuris muris burrowing into gut epithelium
Dermal fibroblasts migrating through a collagen matrix
Trichuris muris tunnelling into gut epithelium
CD8 T-cells infiltrating pancreatic islets
Edward Jenner, the pioneer of vaccination
Encysted Trichinella spiralis larvae in skeletal muscle
Inflamed colon
Insulin expression in islet beta cells
HSP70 expression (green) in dendritic cells

The Immune System : a matter of life and death

Immunology is the science of the immune system, the body’s defence against infection. From birth to death, we are bombarded with potential infectious threats that require a complex network of monitoring and defence. However, the immune system can both damage and protect. The incidence of autoimmune disease, allergy and cancer is rising year on year. It is increasingly important that we understand how the balance between health and disease is maintained given the rise in both inflammatory diseases (such as diabetes and Crohn’s) and global infections such as Swine Flu and malaria.

Research at The University of Manchester encompasses both basic and clinical study and addresses key questions in the Immunology field. For example, how does our immune system regulate inflammation whilst still fighting infection? How do cytokines work? What kick starts an immune response and how does that lead to such diverse outcomes (anti-tumour immunity, autoimmunity, inflammation)?

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Infectious disease

Mucosal immunology

Wounds and inflammation

Dissecting the cellular cytokine network

T-cells,Tregs and autoimmunity

Macrophages and dendritic cells